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Remembering Moments

Keep your memories alive with our custom monuments

What makes Midwest Monument Co. different

In life there is so much uncertainty.   Our approach is simple - we help guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate memorial for your loved one, and do it at your pace.  We also design the memorial together in REAL-TIME using state-of-the art visual tools.  What you see is what you'll get.  Together, we'll create something you'll be proud of for generations to come.  Many companies use out-dated tools to have you "imagine" what you'll be purchasing, and you might wait weeks to see a drawing.  Others will just open a design book and have you pick something out without truly engaging in what's important to you.  Be assured your loved one will be forever memorialized with a monument from Midwest Monument Co.  


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FREE Vase with Every Order! Valued at $200!

Promotion good through May 31, 2018  * minimum purchse of $1500 required.   Bronze marker vases not included.